Friday, 8 July 2016

India in Monsoon

It was time to return! I was back in India for my 3rd visit and for the first time in 3 years. It had been far too long. Visa applications were a lot simpler with the E-Visa system, and there were still many flight bargains to be had from the UK. Mine was with Qatar Airways for £420 return from Birmingham – I even managed to get a free upgrade to Business class!  Booking train tickets from the UK however was still as difficult. I had big problems registering with IRTC, and eventually gave up setting up a new account and luckily was able to use an Indian friend’s account to book a train ticket for part of my trip.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Backpacking Sri Lanka

I arrived early afternoon at Colombo International airport, after a comfortable Emirates flight from Birmingham, via Dubai. I was expecting a long wait to get through immigration, as all I had was an email confirming I had been granted an E-Visa, but no, straight through with a new stamp added to my passport!

Friday, 10 April 2015

South East Asia Adventures!

I arrived in Bangkok late after a delayed connection at Dubai at 9pm. Just enough time to grab some street food  and a bottle of Leo beer before I hit the Hay. I stayed at Lub D Hostel in Silom, the same place I used on my trip to Bangkok last year. Cheap and comfortable. It was tempting to join in with the crowd who were heading off at midnight for a night  of  beer in the Land of Smiles, but I had to get up early for my flight to Laos the next day. I was good and woke up relatively fresh at 7 AM the next morning.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


I'd manage to bag the bargain flight of a lifetime. £19 return flight to Dublin! It was an offer I couldn't refuse.
 It was a grey wet Thursday morning, when I left Birmingham and was even wetter when I arrived at Dublin. Anyway I wasn't here to sunbathe, and I'm sure I can find a bar or 2 to take shelter...

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Istanbul 2014

My second trip to Istanbul was in September 2014. Even better as I'm no longer travelling solo, as I'm meeting up with my girlfriend Pinky from Hong Kong!
We are spending 3 nights in Istanbul, and then flying to Cappadocia, before returning to Istanbul for a further 3 nights.

Monday, 29 September 2014


We caught the 15.00 Havatas bus (cost 14TL) to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport on the Asian side of Istanbul, and were soon in departures awaiting our Pegasus flight to Kayseri airport in the Cappadocia area of Central Turkey. Our flight was delayed by an hour but by 20.30 we were on our way! We had a good deal for the flight, and it only cost around 50 Euros for the return trip.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Croatia 2014

It had been a place that I'd wanted to visit for some years now....and now the time had come. All be it, for only a short 5 day break - Monday to Friday night.

I picked up a good deal with Ryan Air- £130 return from London Stansted to Zadar, in Northern Croatia on the stunning Dalmatian coast. Small 45L Backpack only as carry on luggage, and my camera.

Friday, 25 July 2014



It was something I'd been thinking of doing for months now, whenever I'm out walking or driving around, I'm thinking if it would make a good place to camp out. Taking my inspiration from a great website about Micro Adventures, I decided how about doing it tonight. The philosophy is to give your life a refresh, to do something different and enjoy the great world we live in. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Time for the annual reunion with my mates from Uni. I say mates, but actually there's only two of us left after 20 years....not that the others are dead, they just haven't bothered for one reason  or another! Anyway, I met up with my mate Chris in Dunstable on the Friday night at a cheap hotel called The Highwayman. Ideal for our early morning flight from Luton, as the single rooms were only £20. We stuck to 1 pint of Guinness  each, as we had to be up at 4.00am to get to the airport.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Thailand 2014


Day 1

I arrived hot and sticky at Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi airport on time at 23.15. Boy was it hot!....although it didn't help as I had Jeans and a coat on, following my trip to Hong Kong. I put my DTAC SIM in my mobile and was back online fairly quickly. I had a Data only package, which gave me unlimited data as long as I spent 50 Baht a day.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Hong Kong

I left my flat with my big backpack and the tail end of a particularly bad dose of man flu, and 1 bus and 2 trains later I was sitting in the bar in the departure lounge at Birmingham International Airport. I had 3 bottles of tsingahha – a Chinese beer, to get me in the vibe for my next big adventure. My Emirates flight to Dubai was comfortable and uneventful.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Baltic Blog

My alarm went off at the cruel hour of 01.45 for the drive down to Gatwick in the pouring rain. 2 hours later I arrived, dropped my car off and headed to the airport. I joined the other travellers for the obligatory beer at 5 am and boarded my Easy jet flight to Tallinn in Estonia.
The flight was smooth and I arrived in Tallinn at 12.45 local time. The landing was in the lap of the Gods as we arrived in a blizzard. I don’t know how the plane stopped on a snow-covered runway, but thankfully I arrived in one piece.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Euro Rail 2013

The timing isn’t great having only moved to my new flat 3 days ago, but I’m determined to have some much needed R&R on my backpacking adventure.
After a short walk from my flat laden with my backpack I arrived at the bus stop in Alcester for the 26 A service to Stratford Upon Avon. The bus came on time at 10.34 and I was off! The bus (£4.35 single) made its way through the surrounding Hamlets of Alcester and made its way to Stratford.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Istanbul 2013

I arrived at Sabiha Gokcen airport at 12 noon. I paid my £10 for my passport stamp, collected my Backpack and went outside into the bright sunshine. The Havatas bus was there waiting outside the terminal. It cost 13 Turkish Lira (TL) for the 28 mile, 1 hour journey to Taskim Square. It was a pleasant journey through Asian Istanbul, across the river Bosphorus and onto Taskim Square in European Istanbul. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey with a population of over 14 million. It is the only city in the world to sit on 2 continents. Asia and  Europe, with the Bosphorus flowing in between.

Monday, 18 March 2013

India by rail part 2


Both of my flights with Turkish Airlines were excellent, with plenty of leg room and both the food and service were great.  I arrived at Mumbai at 05.50 and it only took 5 minutes to clear immigration and customs. After I picked up my backpack I withdrew some cash from the ATM and booked my taxi at the prepaid taxi desk.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Taj Mahal Experience

I arrived at Agra railway station 30 minutes late, after a long overnight journey, on the Marudhar Express from Varanassi. It was just beginning to get light as I ventured out of the station, past the masses of Rickshaw Wallahs that were after business. I spotted an overhead sign that told me that the Taj Mahal was 2.8 KM away, and I knew my hotel was located close to it, so I headed in that direction.