Friday, 10 April 2015

South East Asia Adventures!

I arrived in Bangkok late after a delayed connection at Dubai at 9pm. Just enough time to grab some street food  and a bottle of Leo beer before I hit the Hay. I stayed at Lub D Hostel in Silom, the same place I used on my trip to Bangkok last year. Cheap and comfortable. It was tempting to join in with the crowd who were heading off at midnight for a night  of  beer in the Land of Smiles, but I had to get up early for my flight to Laos the next day. I was good and woke up relatively fresh at 7 AM the next morning.



My flight to Vientianne was smooth and the service on my Thai airways flight was excellent. An hour after take off and we already on the ground in Laos! Not my ideal way of travelling but I had limited time, so the flight was a good time saver.

Luang Prabang



Sa Pa

Ninh Binh

Ha Long Bay



Siem Reap





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